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Possess The Living To Solve The Ghostly Problems Of Flipping Death



Flipping Death will have players solving the problems of the dead, flipping dimensions as they posses the living to resolve issues that bother ghosts.




Penny, who has recently died, finds herself with a new part-time position when Death takes a vacation. Her new job will involve figuring out what is bothering the ghosts and other dead of the world, then possessing the living so she can solve those problems in the real world.


Players will have to find the right characters in the real world, taking control of them and leading them to where she needs to go. This is done by having her find a shadow of the person she needs in the undead world, then flipping over to their location in the living world, taking over their bodies in the process.




Through taking over certain characters in certain spots, Penny will be able to resolve issues, adventure game-style. It will just be up to the player to know who to possess, and what to do once they’re in control.


Flipping Death’s silly, yet macabre story and unique art style are set to come to the Nintendo Switch, as well as some other unnamed platforms.

Alistair Wong
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