Possible Another Eden Chrono Cross Collaboration Teased

Another Eden Chrono Cross

Wright Flyer Studios released a teaser website for an upcoming collaboration between Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space and what could potentially be Chrono Cross. A special announcement broadcast will share more details about the upcoming collaboration. It will take place on December 4, 2021 at 6pm JST/1am PT/4am ET/10am CET. The broadcast will be held over YouTube. Additionally, the beginning of the broadcast will feature information regarding an upcoming symphony.

A post on Reddit revealed that files for an Another Eden and Chrono Cross collaboration had been found within the game files. The files also revealed potential assets for the collaboration. This includes details regarding how the collaboration will fold into the narrative of Another Eden. However, while assets for the collaboration were found, this is the first legitimate tease for a potential crossover.

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space has featured several crossovers throughout its lifespan. This has included a Persona 5 crossover, which saw the addition of the Phantom Thieves to the roster of the game. Players could grab Joker, Skull, and Violet entirely for free through event participation.

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space is immediately available for Android devices, iOS devices, and PC.

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