Possible Uma Musume Global Release Hinted at by Google

Uma Musume Global

There might be a chance for the horse girls of Uma Musume to go global after all. A video presentation uploaded by Google might have revealed the existence of an Uma Musume global release.

The presentation in question is a video titled Google Play Games on PC: Unlock Seamless Gameplay Across Mobile and PC, uploaded to the official Android Developers YouTube channel. Presented as part of the Google For Games Developer Summit, the video is presented by Google Play Games Director of Product Management Arjun Dayal. The nearly 19-minute presentation is mainly targeted at new and existing game developers, and exists to promote Google’s initiatives for cross-platform compatibility through the Google Play Games on PC app. The app is a Windows-based program that allows players to launch select games and play them on a PC interface. Participating titles include Arknights, Mobile Legends, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and Dragon Ball Legends.

The relevant point about a possible Uma Musume global release comes at about 4 minutes and 20 seconds into the presentation. Dayal offers a “sneak peek” at upcoming mobile games about to launch in 2023 for Google Play Games on PC.

Dayal promotes the arrival of Garena Free Fire, Ludo King, Disney Mirrorverse, Angry Birds 2, and Maple Story M. Then he invites interested developers and players to “join an anime equestrian universe with Uma Musume.” And that’s about it. Nothing else is shown regarding the game.

It’s possible that Dayal is referring simply to a launch of the Japanese version of Uma Musume on the Japanese Google Play Games on PC client. In that case, this would not be an Uma Musume global release at all, but merely an expansion of existing platform support for the Japanese version. However, given that the video is only in English and consistently refers to games that are available in English-speaking territories, Uma Musume‘s inclusion at least opens up the possibility. Outside of teases from 2022 hinting at ongoing work, Cygames has remained silent regarding an Uma Musume international release window.

Uma Musume is available on Android and iOS in Japan. Its anime adaptation: Uma Musume Pretty Derby, streamed in English on Crunchyroll. Its third season will air in 2023.

Josh Tolentino
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