A Post-Apocalyptic Hawaii Awaits In This Open-World RPG Shooter

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The Great Thunder has devastated Oahu, Kamapua’a the pig god has taken over its remains with its raiders, and only the unassuming father Kai can fix these troubles in open world RPG shooter Nightmarchers.

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Players will be free to retake this post-apocalyptic Hawaii however they choose, joining one of several factions that have risen out of the disaster. Each of these factions offers unique training and tools players can use in their fight, but these factions also have their own ideas on what should come of Hawaii’s future. However, when having difficulty with a particular raider outpost, players may not care about faction morality, instead just taking whatever stealth, brute force, or sniping help these factions provide.

Factions aren’t the only source of strength in Nightmarchers. Kai will soon find he is the descendent of shaman with the power of gods. Kai can gain the power of the various gods of Hawaii should he find them and please them, giving him incredible might in combat, or the ability to traverse the land as various animals.


Development funding for Nightmarchers is currently being raised on Fig.

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