Power Up With Potions In The Steam Release Of Magic Potion Explorer



Exploration and combat are automated in dungeon crawler Magic Potion Explorer, only requiring the player keep the heroine fuelled with power-up potions. The game has recently released in English on Steam.




Pastel is a Witchling who runs a potion shop outside the city, but laments that she has to go out and find her ingredients all the time. After complaining about this to a mysterious customer, a dungeon opens up under her shop (something she’s quite angry about). Pastel then sets off to explore.




Pastel handles all aspects of exploration, combat, and looting all on her own. All the player needs to do is watch the RP bar build up, using accumulated RP to create potions to power her up and keep her going. Choosing the right drinks will keep her in the fight and help her delve deeper beneath her shop.

Alistair Wong
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