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Power Rangers Super Megaforce Game Announced For Fall 2014

Japanese developer Seventh Chord have been keeping busy. Not only did they work on the Tales of Hearts R remake for PlayStation Vita, Bandai Namco have also been keeping them busy with Power Rangers games for the Nintendo 3DS. The game in this line is Power Rangers Super Megaforce.


Power Rangers Super Megaforce is a side-scrolling action game that marks the 21st season of the franchise, and has the Rangers fighting an alien Armada sent to take over Earth. Gosei, the Rangers’ supernatural guardian, provides them with special morphers and keys that allow them into any of the Red Rangers in the history of the franchise.


The game will feature battles on foot as well as Megazord battles. Bandai Namco said at their Gamers Day event that the game conveys a positive message to kids, promoting teamwork and fitness. It’s planned for release in the Americas this Fall.


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