Pre-order Persona 2: Innocent Sin For A Mini Soundtrack CD [Update]


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Japan got a mini soundtrack CD alongside the first shipment of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Today, Atlus USA announced that the U.S. is getting one, too. The free mini soundtrack CD will include 10 tracks, including tracks from composer Shoji Meguro’s re-arranged soundtrack for the PSP version, tracks from the original game, and one previously unreleased track. It will be included with launch copies of Innocent Sin.


Announced retailers that are offering the soundtrack CD are Gamestop Canada and Amazon (both U.S. and Canada). Gamestop’s U.S. store hasn’t been mentioned so far, and they don’t list the soundtrack CD on their site either. You can wait to pick up a launch copy, but Atlus recommend pre-ordering to make sure you get one with the soundtrack.


While Atlus USA haven’t officially announced a release date for Persona 2: Innocent Sin yet, we’ve seen various retailers list it for a September release. If that really is the case, Innocent Sin will be released in English just five months after its Japanese release in April.


Update: Gamestop in the U.S. now list the mini soundtrack CD on their website as well. Thanks to RivalShadeX for the heads up!

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