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Prep Your Budgie Commando For Rocketbirds 2: Evolution On PS4, PS Vita


Indie studio Ratloop Asia has announced Rocketbirds 2: Evolution for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita (it’ll be cross-buy and cross-save supported). It’s a sequel to Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken that aims “to provide a more connected experience” than that first game.


Towards this goal, Rocketbirds 2 has a Rescue Mode, which supports from one to four players as they steer their customizable Budgie Commando to rescue hostages – this time you have to put them on your back and carry them to safety, too.


The online multiplayer has hopefully been improved too with a proper lobby and a drop-in / drop-out feature available at any time during an online session. Ratloop Asia has also improved the visuals, the controls, responsiveness, and deepened the game’s combat mechanics – “with a bit of practice, players can run, aim, jump, and shoot — all at the same time.”


Further, after seeing people play Rocketbirds 2 at various events Ratloop Asia has added “a performance scorecard, “down-not-out” mechanics, Rent-A-Duck (for additional ‘feather-power’ support) and we even added a Dojo where players can go head-to-head and see who is the most badass birdie of ’em all!”


Finally, Rocketbirds 2 does have a Story mode, with voices provided by English and Japanese actors. In the Story mode you’ll once again play as Hardboiled (the chicken) as he tries to take down iL Putzki once and for all. Turns out that the Trans-dimensional Space Owls aren’t to be trusted either.

Chris Priestman