Prepare To Be Weirded Out By These Fake Sonic Game Prototypes



Unpredictable indie studio Arcane Kids has released a new project online called Sonic Dreams Collection. It’s a parody of the many unreleased Sonic game prototypes for Dreamcast. As such, it contains four fake prototype Sonic games. You should expect things to get weird and pretty dark.


The first prototype is a custom character creation tool that lets you give Sonic some strange bodily proportions. Then there’s a Sonic movie maker that gives you a range of scenes and an in-game handheld camera to record Vine-like movies of up to six seconds in length. You can move props and characters around, give them speech bubbles, and then post the result directly to Twitter – you can see many of them with the hashtag #SonicDreams.


The third prototype titled “My Roommate Sonic” has you living in an apartment with Sonic who, it turns out, seems to have a thing for you. The love is mutual, too, and so Sonic slowly edges closer to you on the sofa … almost leaning in for a kiss.


Lastly, “Eggman Origins” is said to be a long lost MMORPG and, upon starting it up, you’re told that you can’t do anything without a network adaptor.


You can download Sonic Dreams Collection for Windows and Mac on its website. Note that if you can’t access that website immediately you may be taken here and will be required to enter the password, which is “grandpa” (without the quotation marks).

Chris Priestman