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Previously Xbox One-Exclusive Detective Visual Novel Mystereet F Headed To PS4 And PS Vita



5pb. first revealed the detective visual novel Mystereet F: Curtain Call in May 2014 exclusively for Xbox One, but it looks like they’re dropping it in favor of the PS4 and PS Vita.


The above trailer for Mysteret F: Curtain Call, the upcoming two-in-one title that features the first two games of Mystereet, was featured as an advertisement in a recent update that adds a new route for the YU-NO remake. It shows the new platforms as PS4 and PS Vita without any sign of the Xbox One version.


While there’s chance that these two versions could end up just being newly added platforms to go with the Xbox One version, it seems more likely that they’ve dropped the title for Xbox, and it makes perfect sense in today’s Japanese games market.


Since its reveal back in 2014 we haven’t heard much about the visual novel title. However, In 2015 5pb. announced it got a new look with a change of artist, going from Aoi Nanase, who worked on Zwei!! for Falcom back to Mystereet’s original artist, Camelian.


Mystereet F: Curtain Call is in development for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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