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Princess is Money-Hungry Details How You Can Do Just About Anything With Money



Nippon Ichi’s new PS Vita action RPG, Princess is Money-Hungry, is all about the money. Everything from special attacks, recruiting party members, and even defeating the demon lord revolves around it. The official website gives us a summary on how the game works.


First, here’s a little summary about the world of Princess is Money-Hungry:



There was once an era when “power ruled all.”

The monsters that threaten people… the demon lord who rules the monsters with fear… and the hero who defeats that demon lord.


It’s simply the survival of the fittest here, an absolute rule of nature.


However, time is always looking to change, and as it further distances itself along the flow, so does the value of people.


The so-called rise of capitalism.


Money is power. Money is justice. In this world, you can even buy love as long as you have money.


So to speak, even a level-1 player can defeat the demon lord if they have money in this era.


Next is a look at two of the game’s key characters:




A cool realist who believes in nothing but money. She used to be a young girl with a kind heart and always had a smile on her face, but those smiles vanished along with her parents and country due to their debt.



In Princess is Money-Hungry, she’ll go up against the the corrupt moneylenders known as “Dragoloan Family,” as a way to fulfill fulfill the regrets of her father.





Sebastian is a butler who has been taking care of Princess ever since she was a child. He’s all talk when it comes to battle, and leaves everything to Princess.




PRincess if Money-Hungry is set in a stage where “money is power,” and you’ll use the power of money as your weapon in the battles of the action RPG. By defeating enemies you’ll gain money, which can then be used to purchase powerful enemies, perform powerful special attacks, and just about everything else that you can do with money.



In the action part of the game, you’ll gain money by defeating monsters and opening treasure chests.




Additionally, you’ll use a “Calculator” as part of its action. This is used to recruit enemies by punching in numbers and purchasing them.




As previously mentioned, Princess can use money to perform powerful special moves. By defeating enemies, you’ll gain money, and it can be used to help out during a pinch.


You can get a look at the game’s first footage on the front page of the official website.


Princess is Money-Hungry will release in Japan on November 24, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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