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Princess is Money-Hungry’s First Screenshots Show Its Frugal Little Hero



Nippon Ichi Software recently announced Princess is Money-Hungry for PS Vita, a game where money rules all and can buy you all the power you need to beat the game. Amazon Japan gives us a first look.



The above is a look at the main visual for the game, and it also shows how there’s a stag beetle, which goes along with the beetle observation countdown site that NIS had earlier this week.



As previously reported, the game is an action RPG that takes place in an era where Capitalism rules the world after the times where “power is everything” has come to an end.



Princess is Money-Hungry is set in an excessively capitalistic society. The main character is a princess who can purchase powerful enemies and will need to use them in order to take out the boss, a corrupt moneylender.


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Everything about the game is connected to money in one way or another. You’ll get to purchase enemies to take out other enemies. The princess can also spend money to perform powerful special attacks. If that weren’t enough, they say that you can even purchase the last boss of the game.


Princess is Money-Hungry will release in Japan on November 24, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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