Prinny’s Mascot Contest Attempt Blew Up In Its Face With Drop To 110th Place


prinny contest

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We’ve reported several times on Nippon Ichi Software’s second attempt at getting Prinny to first place in Japan’s Mascot Character Grand Prix 2018 in the corporate mascot division, but alas, this year was not Prinny’s year either.


Prinny dropped down from 107th place during the midterm results to 110th place by the end of the voting period on November 9, 2018. Compared to last year, where Prinny scored 96th, that’s quite a drop.


Sadly, this means that none of the rewards for getting higher than last year’s rank was unlocked. However, Nippon Ichi thanked people for helping Prinny out anyways with the following message:


“Everyone, thanks for all the votes!

We’re very sorry, but we were unable to pass last year’s placement…

I’ll be going on a trip for a while now.”


Nippon Ichi also stated in a reply to the Tweet: “Although the Prinny in the contest is no longer with us, don’t worry, we still have a lot of spare Prinnies around.”

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