DeNA, owners of the Mobage services, have entered a collaboration with Level 5, the two companies announced today. The two companies will combine their talents to develop social games for the Mobage platform. Kicking the partnership off will be a new Professor Layton game, titled Professor Layton Royale.


Layton Royale will be a crossover between the Layton franchise and DeNA’s own Kaito Royale series. In Professor Layton Royale, you’ll get to choose whether you want to be a citizen, thief, or detective. The game will be released this fall for traditional phones, and will later proceed to smart phones.


While the traditional Professor Layton games you’re used to playing are a combination of puzzles and adventure, Level 5 and DeNA describe Professor Layton Royale as a “Reasoning RPG,” in the sense that you truly get to take on and play a role in the game.


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