Progeny VR Is About The Moments Between A Game Character’s Death & Resurrection

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Progeny VR is about the time between death and respawn in a video game, having players spend a little time with their new avatar before it is brought out into the game world again.


Progeny VR places players in a chamber filled with some simple machines as they wait for their respawn. Before this can happen, players must decide which of their character’s memories to bring over to the new body. As this body only has a set amount of room for memories, players will have to decide if their past life, career, childhood, and more aspects are worth bringing over, and how these fragmented memories will affect this new copy of their body.

Memory choice will be important throughout Progeny VR. For starters, the memories players implant will dictate future behavior, creating different new memories and actions based on what they put in their character’s head. Not only this, but the cloning process deteriorates over repeat respawns, so players will steadily be able to bring less memories back with every death. These will slowly lead the player through a branching story to one of the game’s multiple endings.


Progeny VR is available now on Steam.

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