A Programmer Must Learn To Survive In The Wilds Of Legend Of Miro



James’ experience developing firewall algorithms won’t be much help to him when he finds himself abandoned, alone, and starving in the wilds of Legend of Miro.




Players will have to overcome cold and hunger if they want to get James back to his old life. To do so, they’ll need to make some friends with the other people who live in this place, but might also make some dangerous enemies along the way as well. He’ll also have to make other decisions during his time here, some of which will change the story.




Mining and woodcutting will be key in finding parts James will need for crafting, and can also be used to build up income for him to purchase food and other supplies.




James can also take on quests from the people he meets, exploring various caves and mazes. The rewards from these tasks will help him grow stronger as a survivor with new skills and added health. James will want to carefully prepare before undertaking these quests, though, as the world is large, and it is hard to know when he’ll be able to return to any kind of civilization.




Legend of Miro has already passed through Steam Greenlight and is projected to release in third quarter of this year.

Alistair Wong
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