Project City Shrouded in Shadow Shows More Of Its “Giant Shadows” And Protagonists

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Bandai Namco and Granzella shared the latest on City Shrouded in Shadow, a collaboration survival action adventure game featuring giants and plenty of buildings getting blown up.



As shown on the top image, there are two giants that appear to be fighting they’re both called “Giant of Light.” One is there to destroy the city while the other is defending it. The above screenshot shows a building getting destroyed. It makes you wonder just what has been going on around these parts.



With the overwhelming size of the giants, simple movements from them can mean massive destruction.



With these menacing giants causing destruction everywhere they fight, it’ll be important to inspect their movements and do your best to escape accordingly. The game will feature a variety of different fights between giants, and also other giants besides the “Giant of Light,” so you’ll need to be able to observe them while doing your best to avoid getting hit from the destruction.


Male Protagonist: Ken Misaki


A young man who lives in the city, and also the protagonist of the game’s story. One rainy April night, he encounters various giant shadows.



He was on his way to meet someone close to him at a park when these giant shadows showed up out of nowhere and began causing mayhem everywhere. In order to save her at the park, he’s going to need to run through the giant shadows.


Female Protagonist: Miharu Matsubara


A young lady who lives in the city, and is the other protagonist of the game. After seeing a mysterious flash, she encounters giant shadows that are destroying the city.



While in the midst of the city that is being threatened by the giant shadow, Miharu will meet various people, some she’ll help, some she’ll work together with, some that will take advantage of the situation, and some that will even go after her life. She’ll need to do her best to continue surviving while getting mixed up with expectations from different people in this extreme state of chaos.




With the threat of the giant shadows, the protagonists are regular citizens so they don’t means of fighting back. That said, they’ll need to keep on moving in order to survive in this city that is getting destroyed. City Shrouded in Shadow will give us a bit of a different perspective in its story, where you’ll get to experience what it’s like to escape with others from danger.



We’ve seen the “Giant of Light” that look like Ultraman, but there’s more to it. The above shadow gives us a look at another giant, and it looks pretty familiar…


City Shrouded in Shadow will release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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