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Project Judge Goes Over Yagami’s Phone And The Yagami Detective Agency


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Sega Games went over the latest features in Project Judge today, focusing on what Detective Yagami can do with his smartphone and what you can do back at Yagami’s home sweet home, the Yagami Detective Agency. (Thanks, 4Gamer!)


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Yagami’s smartphone acts as a hub where you can learn new skills, manage your items, and more. It also has a camera function.



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The camera is a useful tool that you’ll need to complete investigations. For casual use though, there are a variety of filters you can play around with, such as monochrome, toy, and sepia. You can choose to take a selfie by yourself or with a friend instead.

There are also various QR codes that you can take pictures of throughout the streets. They’ll unlock new moves, new drone parts, and more.



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Using the KAMGO app, you can check your current achievements and progress. These include things like how many restaurants you’ve ordered everything on the menu at and missions where you can earn extra SP. Some restaurants may even have hidden menus only known by the closest regulars.


Crowd Kanpa

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Crowd Kanpa is crowdfunding platform developed by Susumu Fujibayashi, who you receive by meeting and becoming his friend. There are various projects you can help crowdfund, all of which benefit the player in some way. Some larger projects even include building a giant building in Kamurocho!


DLC Store

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You can buy DLC items from here.


Yagami Detective Agency

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The Yagami Detective Agency is Yagami’s home, and you can rest, take up requests, play pinball, and more when you are there.


Landlord’s Deliveries

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If you befriend the landlord, Rie Tomioka, she’ll begin to leave some extra food in the fridge now and then. Make sure to check if she’s left anything in the fridge.

At first, her food will be a bit plain, but it’ll get better as you get closer to her.



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The items you get from gachapon and crane games can be displayed on your shelves.


Listening to music

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There’s a record player at the offices, but nobody uses it on account of not having any records. However, using the points saved from buying things at the convenience store, you can buy new records to listen to.


As a reminder, the new demo for Project Judge is now available on the Japanese PlayStation Store.


Project Judge will release on the PlayStation 4 in Japan, South Korea, and Asia on December 13, 2018. The game releases in the West in 2019. You can read our previous report on the buildings of Kamurocho here.

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