Project M 3.6 Released In Open Beta To Crowdsource Bug Fixes

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The team behind Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod Project M have released the latest version of the game in open beta in order to crowdsource bug fixes. You can download Project M 3.6 right now from its download page.

Writing about the open beta status of this 3.6 release, the team said it made this decision as the final versions of earlier iterations of Project M contained many bugs that the voluntary play testers missed, but the community would find, and so a patch or two would be released days or weeks later.


“Knowing our limitations and understanding how important your role as players are, we have named this release the 3.6 Open Beta. Only after we are confident that it is completely ready, a final update will be released simply labeled 3.6,” the team wrote. Therefore, you may find some bugs in this latest download of Project M, and if you do, you’re encouraged to submit them to the Bug Reporting forum.

You can see all the change notes that Project M 3.6 version brings here. To summarize, Bowser’s Castle has been added, remakes of Peach’s Castle and Saffron City are included, and a “new alternate stage loader brings back all the Brawl stages and allows for the highest number of playable stages ever in Project M.”

There are new costumes including Kart ROB and Dark Suit Samus, and the entire cast of characters has been given a beauty boost and have been rebalanced, making for “the most balanced cast Project M has ever had.” There’s also new game modes, new music, new sound effects, a new announcer, and the Auto-L cancel is now available. Last thing to note is that Wario can now put on his own super-suit to become Wario-Man for new barbaric speed and combo potential.

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