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Project Morpheus To Get A Psychedelic Shoot ‘Em Up In Futuridium VR



Italian indie studio MixedBag Games has announced that it’s colorful arcade space shooter Futuridium VR will be heading to Project Morpheus on PlayStation 4. It’ll be available in Project Morpheus’s launch window in early 2016.


Futuridium VR is based on the studio’s previous title Futuridium EP Deluxe, which is currently available for free to PS Plus members on PS4, but the experience has been tweaked for the virtual reality format.


In EP Deluxe, the idea is that you’re a lone starship pilot lost in a dimensional loop attempting to take down the defences of space dreadnoughts and collect crystals to stop your energy from depleting as you do so. While Futuridium VR draws from this, MixedBag says that it’s a totally new experience that “will be a lot more similar to a certain space game with a fox and will sport gameplay mechanics peculiar to VR.”


MixedBag confirmed that Futuridium VR will run at the full 120 frames-per-second that the Project Morpheus headset is capable of. MixedBag also revealed that Futuridium EP Deluxe will be compatible with Project Morpheus once it launches.

Chris Priestman