Project Sakura Wars Brings Back Sumire Kanzaki, Introduces Adventure Part & LIPS System

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Yesterday, Sega revealed several new characters for Project Sakura Wars, as well as a returning character with Sumire Kanzaki, a heroine from the original Sakura Wars. Additionally, details on the Imperial Theatre, the Adventure Part, and the LIPS system have been revealed on the official site. [Thanks, Game’s Talk!]



Sumire Kanzaki (CV: Michie Tomizawa)

sumire 1 2

sumire 3

The former top star of the Imperial Combat Revue’s Floral Division, who wishes to bring the Revue and the Imperial Theatre back to its former glory. After bowing out of active performance, she’s become a mature woman who’s less overbearing, but still retains the aura of a top star. and overwhelms all opposition with her presence.

She’s the one who scouted Kamiyama from the Navy, and asked for him to transfer to the Floral Division as the leader.


Reiji Shiba (CV: Tomokazu Sugita)

reiji 1 2

reiji 3

An friend that Kamiyama has known since the Academy days. Kamiyama graduated with top scores from the Naval Academy, while Shiba graduated with top scores from the Engineering Academy, so they view each other as both buddies and rivals. As the head mechanic of the Floral Division, he’s in charge of weapons development and maintenance. Perhaps because of his role as head mechanic, or due to both Kamiyama and Shiba being head graduates, Shiba takes the rivalry quite seriously, and often quarrels with him.

He’s also in charge of props for the Imperial Theatre, so he actually works behind the scenes for both the Revue and the Theatre.


Kaoru Ryuudou (CV: Yui Ishikawa)

kaoru 1 2

kaoru 3

Imperial Combat Revue Commander Sumire Kanzaki’s secretary, as well as a member of the Wind Division. She thinks quickly, and is very good with numbers. She also has an inhumanly strong memory, and supports Sumire on everything ranging from the Revue, to the Theatre, and even Kanzaki Heavy Industries, and thus Sumire trusts her wholly. She’s also handles the Theatre’s office work, accounting, and finances.

She’s especially stringent on budget, and often argues with Komachi Ooba regarding prices and budget. When the Floral Division is out fighting, she supports the Commander as a Wind Division member from the operation room the Shougeimaru transport vessel.


Komachi Ooba (CV: Ryoko Shiraishi)

komachi 1 2

komachi 3

A “super merchant” from Osaka, who’s very peppy and talks quick like a machinegun. She has a habit of saying, “I’ll cut you a bargain!” Usually, she’ll be working the Theatre’s gift shop, stocking things from daily goods like newspapers to souvenirs of the Theatre’s top stars. She also helps procure materials for the Floral Division.

Her motto is “to stock whatever you can”, and if you ask her, she’ll get what you want no matter what. During battle, she supports the Commander via the Shougeimaru.




The airship operated by the Wind Division that transports the crew and Spiricle Fighters to their destinations to battle.


Imperial Theatre


theatre 1

The lobby of the Theatre is connected to the gift shop and the dining room


Dining Room

theatre 2

The dining room of the Theatre. It’s open the public, and is always bustling with people.


Interior of Theatre

theatre 3

The main facility of the Theatre, that has a quaint but serious atmosphere. The Floral Division perform here.



theatre 4

The courtyard of the Theatre, with the giant spiricle crystal inside the pool found in the middle.


Manager’s Office

theatre 5

Sumire’s office, which has seen the addition of some of her personal belongings to the decoration. The Imperial Combat Revue picture frame remains the same.


2nd Floor Hallway

theatre 6

The hallway leading to the members’ bedrooms. You can see the members’ rooms on the left, and a salon at the back.


2nd Floor Salon

theatre 7

The Floral Division’s rest area, a private salon on the 2nd floor of the Theatre.


Kamiyama’s Room

theatre 8

Kamiyama’s private room, which was also used by the previous leader of the Floral Division.


Bath (Changing Room)

theatre 9

The changing room area of the underground bath area of the Theatre. What could possibly happen here…?



theatre 10

The underground hangar where the Spiricle Fighters like the Sanshiku Koubu and the Mugen are stored and maintained.


Operations Room

theatre 11

The operations room where Floral Division briefings are held.


Adventure Part

adventure 1

During the Adventure Part, events will occur in between story chapters, and Kamiyama can freely navigate the Theatre and the streets of Ginza.


adventure 2 adventure 3

You can find events around the area, which are also indicated with a green “!”on the map. They include main story events, sub-events, and you can also interact with objects on the map.


adventure 4 adventure 5

Shining objects are event clues or items. The actions required to progress to the next main event are shown on the top right. Furthermore, some events will be timed, where you’ll need to talk to characters and gather intel before the blue timer runs out.



lips 1

lips 2

The LIPS system returns, where choices must be made within a time limit. Depending on your answer, trust levels and the scenario will change, so choose wisely. Letting time run out isn’t a fail state, but an answer of its own, so keep that in mind.


Analogue LIPS

lips 3

When replying, you can move the left stick up or down to change the intensity of your reply, to add some nuance to your answer. Even with the same answer, things will differ based on the intensity. Depending on the scene, the camera perspective might shift as well.


Check out gameplay in the livestream from yesterday (starts from 27:50 mark):


Project Sakura Wars is coming to Japan on PlayStation 4 in Winter 2019, and in NA and EU in Spring 2020.

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