Project Sakura Wars Devs On Having The Protagonist Speak, Making Battles Easier To Play, And More

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In the full Famitsu interview on Project Sakura Wars, the developers followed up on some of the challenges faced when moving everything into 3D, such as with the protagonist, and more.


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Here are the highlights:

While Sakura Wars V did introduce some 3D aspects, was it challenging to create everything in 3D?

Takaharu Terada, series director: “When we decided to make it on PlayStation 4, I knew we’d have to change it into 3D, but a change that resulted from this was created which was definitely very challenging.”


What do you mean?

Terada: “By changing it to a behind-the-back 3D view, the protagonist would always be shown on-screen, and because of this, the protagonist ended up needing to speak all his lines out loud.”


So you mean that because players could see him, it would be weird if he didn’t say anything out loud.

Terada: “Right. That’s why we had to have more dialogue for the protagonist, and also work on the presentation of the 3D model as well. It over doubled the work needed for the game.”


Up to this point, nothing has been said regarding battles, but that doesn’t mean they’re all gone, right?

Tetsu Katano, director: “Regarding battles, for Project Sakura Wars we kept new players in mind, and made it so that battles are easier to go through, so please wait a while longer for more info on this aspect.”


Around how many music tracks will there be in this game?

Terada: “In total, around over 70-80 songs. The number of vocal tracks is the most in the whole series.”


Project Sakura Wars is coming to Japan on PlayStation 4 in Winter 2019, and in NA and EU in Spring 2020.

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