Project Sakura Wars Introduces The Latest Advancements In Spiricle Armor Technology

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Aside from new character screenshots and story details, Sega has also introduced the Spiricle Fighters, the latest Spiricle Armors that utilize the latest technology available. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Spiricle Fighters

spiricle 1

spiricle 2

spiricle 3

Spiricle Armors are weaponized armors that are controllable via steam and strong spiritual energy, developed to fight battles against magical creatures. Spiritual Fighters uses the Spiricle Armors as a base concept, but have been designed by the WLOF and utilizes a new framework. Compared to Spiricle Armors, Spiricle Fighters have a higher spiricle output. Thanks to the improved efficiency of spirit conversion, it requires less spirit from the pilot, and thus have become the standard model used by many countries since the Great Kouma War.


Spiricle Fighter Mugen

spiricle 4

The first mass-produced Spiricle Fighter by Kanzaki Heavy Industries, based on the Sanshiki Koubu, but built from the ground-up to be a Spiricle Fighter, with features such as a spiricle supercharger installed. It’s easy to pilot and doesn’t have many downsides, and is the main weapon of the Floral Division. The one pictured above is the Kamiyama custom model.


Spiricle Armor Sanshiki Koubu

spiricle 5

A Spiricle Armor developed with the Spiricle Fighter framework in mind, based on the Koubu Nishiki but made more lightweight by the use of Anshar steel. However, the frame’s basic design isn’t that different from the Nishiki, and it doesn’t have a spiricle supercharger, so its output and spiricle conversion is quite inefficient. Overall, it’s a cut below the Spiricle Fighter, and was used as a base for the Mugen. The one pictured above is Sakura Amamiya’s Sanshiki Koubu.



sakura wars 1

Sakura Wars fan @moimoiland480 on Twitter drew fanart that pointed out that the initials of the four heroines across the series spells out SEGA, but according to series director Takaharu Terada, this is entirely a coincidence.


Project Sakura Wars is coming to Japan on PlayStation 4 in Winter 2019, and in NA and EU in Spring 2020.

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