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Project Sakura Wars Introduces Two Imperial Theatre Operas, And Azami’s Character Song


ninja azami 1

Earlier today, Sega held one of their monthly livestreams for Project Sakura Wars, this time revealing two new characters designed by Noizi Ito, Azami’s character song ‘Ninja Azami’, and a sneak peek at some screenshots of two of the plays the Imperial Theatre crew will perform.


First, check out Azami’s character song below:


New Characters

Itsuki Saijou (CV: Mayu Yoshioka/Illus: Noizi Ito)

saijou 1

saijou 2

An Imperial Theatre superfan who loves both the theatre and the Floral Division.

She’ll come visit the Theatre no matter if it’s day or night in order to deepen her relationships with the theatre staff and the other visitors. Her hobby is collecting Theatre memorabilia, and works hard at completing her collection of things from the old Floral Division to the current one.

She’s also something of a rival to Kamiyama in regards to bromide collection.


Hiromi Hongou (CV: Haruka Terui/Illus: Noizi Ito)

hiromi 1

hiromi 2

A clerk who works at Okashidokoro Mikazuki. With a kind demeanor and a constant smile, many customers come to the store just to see her.

While usually she’s selling traditional Japanese confectionary, she’s also involved in the making of new sweets. Her test products can sometimes cause strange effects when eaten, so it’s feared by many people.




drama 1


Love of Danann

drama 2


Sega shared a look at the various places in Ginza you can visit:

Theatre Front

ginza 1


Ginza Side Street

ginza 2


Ginza Central Station

ginza 3


Ginza Main Street

ginza 4



ginza 5


Rooftop Amusement Park

ginza 6


Bus Stop

ginza 7



ginza 8


Finally, the PlayStation 4 first-print theme was revealed below:

theme 1


Project Sakura Wars will come to the PlayStation 4 in Japan on December 12, 2019. It will come to North America and Europe in Spring 2020.

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