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Project Sakura Wars Introduces WLOF, Sakura’s Parents, And The Combat Revue War


Famitsu has released an in-depth preview of their feature on Project Sakura Wars this week, and it goes over several new characters from the WLOF that organizes the World Combat Revue War, Sakura and Azami’s parents, and the rules of how the Combat Revues compete against each other.


Check out the highlights below:


President G (CV: Ryuutaro Okiayu; Designer: Tite Kubo)

The secretary-general of the WLOF that oversees the Combat Revue federation. Like the previous secretary-general, his true name, age, birthplace, and more are shrouded in mystery. It’s said that G is the first letter of his true name, but even that is not certain.


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The WLOF’s flagship, which President G commands.


Mister I

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President G’s right-hand man, and the leader of the WLOF’s black shirt squad. He engages in reconnaissance activities. He takes a high pressure attitude and says that what he says is what President G says, and more.


Sakura and Azami’s parents

Hinata Amamiya (CV: Mariko Kouda; Designer: Tite Kubo)

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Sakura Amamiya’s mother. She died at 27 years old, but her positive, never-say-die attitude greatly influenced and is carried on by Sakura. Sakura’s katana, the Amamiya Kunisada, is an heirloom that she carries in memory of her mother.


Tekkan Amamiya(CV: Show Hayami)

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Sakura’s father, 42 years old. He’s a blacksmith who makes shrine items, and is the professional type, and a man of few words. However, deep down he’s a kind man who can be depended upon. He’s quite close to Sakura’s childhood friend, Kamiyama, and thus calls him ‘Sei-bon’.


Yattansai Mochizuki (CV: Masaharu Satou)

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The elder of the Mochizuki-style ninja village, and the one who raised Azami. His age is unknown. He’s also the one who taught her the 108 Laws of the Village. He goes to the imperial capital every week to check up on Azami’s reports after she joins the Combat Revue.


World Combat Revue War Rules

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Every two years, the WLOF will hold a World Combat Revue War, where every Combat Revue across the world sends representatives to participate in friendly competitions of both the stage and the battlefield. This time, the rules of the battles have been revealed.


Choose your members

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The World Combat Revue War is held in teams of 3v3, and so you must choose who will come with you before the battle begins. It’s up to you to choose based on preferences or how they fight.


Destroy enemies and gain points

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Battles take place by defeating enemies that appear in the middle, and filling the gauge at the top. The amount of points gained or lost are shown at the top, and whoever has more points when all enemies are defeated, or time runs out, is the winner. You’ll advance if you win two rounds.


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Golden enemies may sometimes appear,and these give 3x the usual points.


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Events will also occur mid-battle, and proceed with the story. Your opponents will also hold conversations, but don’t let up on them!


Project Sakura Wars releases on December 12, 2019 in Japan for PlayStation 4. The game has a Spring 2020 release date in the West.

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