Project Sekai Jams Out With a “Stella” Performance by Leo/need

Project Sekai Stella by Jin and Leo/need

Sega and Craft Egg’s smartphone rhythm game Project Sekai recently introduced a new song called “Stella,” produced by Jin and performed by the all-female band of childhood friends, Leo/need.

Check out a partial viewing of “Stella” from the Project Sekai 3D music video:

In the above video, we get a peek at what players saw in the Project Sekai ‘First Star of the Evening After Rain’ virtual concert event. Here we have Hatsune Miku jamming out with Ichika Hoshino on guitars, Saki Tenma on the keyboard, Shiho Hinomori on bass, and Honami Mochizuki on drums.

You can check out the full session from the event in the video below:

The members arrive at the 1:00 mark of the video. It starts with a skit with the Project Sekai members of Leo/need. When Ichika is asked what she wants to do, she says that she wants to watch fireworks with the four. The girls suggest going to a fireworks display on the following week, but Saki says there’s no need to rush with other options such as watching the fireworks together at a park. However, Ichika finds Saki’s behavior odd, as she usually likes to dive in without hesitation. Saki says that it’s because the girls have been telling her there’s no need to rush, so there’s no need to worry because she is super calm. The performance of “Stella” starts at the 3:00 mark.

Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku is available for iOS and Android devices in Japan.

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