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Project Treasure Officially Announced As Lost Reavers For Wii U



Bandai Namco announced a free-to-play Wii U game called Project Treasure earlier this year, and it’s now officially been titled as Lost Reavers. The official website provides details on the game, along with a look at a new trailer.


The above trailer showcases some gameplay and also announces that its beta test will begin soon.



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The goal of Lost Reavers is to go around various parts of the world to find hidden treasures called “Relics.” These are found in different areas such as ancient ruins and also in more modern structures; however, they’ll always be filled with various obstacles and puzzles.



Teamwork and cooperation will be the key in beating stages and acquiring these Relics. You’ll need to cover your buddies while fighting alongside each other to take on these massive missions.



Some stages and routes will feature giant bosses waiting to take on players. When taking routes, players will all need to select them, but running into one of these will require some of the best teamwork to make it out alive.


Additionally, defeating any of these giant bosses will give you additional rewards, and you can get some extra good loot if you’re lucky.



There are different characters that will participate in the hunt for Relics, and they all have their own unique fighting styles. There are times when one might specialize in shooting, so the “Multi-View Action System” will allow them to switch between perspectives to get different angles on their shots.


This is easily performed by the touch of one button, and even those who aren’t the most confident in shooting can take advantage of this feature with an assist function.


Lost Reavers’ Wii U beta testwill be announced in the near future for Japan.

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