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Project X Zone 2 Has A Vehicle Made By Gundam 00 Mecha Designer



Project X Zone 2 features characters from different video games, but it also features guest designers, like Naohiro Washio, known for his work on Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and Square Enix’s now defunct car arcade game Gyrozetter. Monolith Soft producer Koji Ishitani shares more on the official blog.


Dr. Chizuru Urashima is the character in red shown in the above image. She’s the head of the Shinra’s Equipment Division and pilots a new vehicle called the “Ryuki Ichi-go/Ryuki #1” or also called the Dragonturtle MK. 1 in English.


The Dragonturtle Mk. 1 is a well-equipped transport vehicle that can travel to various worlds. While we’ll learn more about it in the near future, Ishitani wanted to take a moment to show us the vehicle and its designer a little more.


.龍亀一號_車両形態01 龍亀一號_飛行形態01

The above images shows the Dragonturtle Mk. 1 in its terrain mode and also in its flight mode.


Ishitani said that he’s known Naohiro Washio for quite a while now, and previously talked about how it’d be nice to some day work together. Before he realized it, it’s been several years, and he felt that now that they could use some of his mecha designs, it’d be now or never.


The Dragonturtle Mk. 1 will be like a mobile base of operations where the characters will gather. As far as what kind of scene we’ll get to see it appear in and how it’ll work in the game, Ishitani writes on the blog that he hopes we can look forward to finding out more about it later.


Additionally, he mentions that similar to Naohiro Washio, there are other guest designers, and we’ll learn more about them in the near future.


Project X Zone 2 will release in Japan on November 12, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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