Project X Zone 2’s Small Additions Really Improve On The Original

If you enjoyed the original Project X Zone, then there’s a good chance you’re going to enjoy its sequel, as not a whole lot has really changed. It has made its share of improvements and while it doesn’t completely fix the issues the original had, it’s certainly makes for a better experience having them in.

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The main area where there’s been improvements is within the battle system. The most obvious change is the switch to a phase system rather than units each waiting their turn. Now you’ll move all your own units together similar to Fire Emblem or Valkyria Chronicles games. This allows you to have a much greater degree of control in battle, giving you more time to plan out your strategies and perform them, even if you’re only planning to overwhelm an enemy with all your units at once.


An interesting side effect of having a greater degree of control in battle, is that it really helps with the flow of battle. Battles in the original, especially nearing the end of the game had a tendency to really drag on, especially when it was throwing out hordes of enemies to defeat. Now there’s a clear divide between when each side moves, it doesn’t feel like you’re waiting forever to move your own units.


imageSome additions have also been added to the actual sprite battles. If you don’t use some of your moves in battles, these become charged and will be more powerful for the next encounter. It’s often tempting just to spam all the available attacks within a team to ensure victory in Project X Zone but now there’s a reason to be more conservative with them.


Outside of the battles, again, not much has changed. The event scenes can still go on a bit too long but when you’ve got a cast of characters as large as this, you’re going to get a lot of conversations between them all. What really helps is that the dialogue in the game is completely crazy. The first game was already pretty silly but this is something else. It’s so self referral at times, I had to wonder if this was real. I mean, I’m pretty sure that one of Yuri and Flynn’s victory conversations is playing on the fact that the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia never came out in the west. I can’t be sure because it seems so unbelievable! It’s even weirder seeing the Nintendo characters from Fire Emblem and Xenoblade Chronicles involved in all this but it does make for some fun and interesting dialogue.


Project X Zone 2 may already be a standalone sequel but the changes to the battle system and the dialogue really make it stand out from the original. The battle system changes does make it an easier game but honestly, I think you’ll be glad to breeze through some from the battles just to see what happens next.

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