The Promised Neverland Video Game Adaptation Announced



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This week’s issue of Jump magazine revealed that the mystery horror manga series, The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland) by Posuka Demizu, is getting a video game adaptation. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


The platform for The Promised Neverland’s new game hasn’t been revealed, but its genre is listed as card-type, so it could be anything from a card-dispensing arcade game to a new trading card game.


To give you an idea what the story of the manga is about (with some early spoilers), it revolves around a group of Orphans including protagonist Emma alongside Ray, Norman, and others, who are basically able to do anything they want except leaving the compounds or the gate that leads to the outside world.


One day, an orphan named Conny is sent away to be adopted, but she leaves behind her bunny rabbit named Bernie. Emma, Norman, and Ray make their way to the gate to find Conny to return Bernie… but they find the young girl dead. As it turns out, the foster home is actually a farm for breeding children to feed demons and the kind caretaker Isabella is actually in allegiance with the demons. Upon learning this, Emma and Norman vow to escape with the other foster siblings.


It sounds like some pretty messed up stuff, but the manga is full of twists and turns with plenty of thrilling moments that keep you on your toes. As for the video game adaptation, we’ll likely get more information on it including its platform in the near future.

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