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Prompto Will Take The Lead In Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV Episode 2



Square Enix revealed that the second episode of the anime series Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV will release “sometime around E3 2016,” and had a few words to share on the official blog.


Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV producer Akio Ofuji starts the blog post by thanking all fans that watched the first episode of the anime.



He says that the scene where Noctis takes out the veggies from his burger made him burst in laughter, and he’s pleased to see similar reactions were had from the foreign viewers. Ofuji says that scenes such as these, where we get to see the personalities and relationships of the characters shine, are something he hopes to put in good care for Brotherhood.


The four bros are already… well, bros, at the start of Final Fantasy XV, but it makes you wonder how they got there. Perhaps they’ve had their share of silly moments just like the rest of us.


Ofuji says that being able to show this might help you get a better understanding of the characters, or perhaps a better understanding of their sense of friendship from the conversations you’ll get to see for yourself when you play the game and join their journey.


“It might be before the release of the game, I want you to like these four guys!” are the thoughts that went into the start of the Brotherhood project.



Again, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV’s episode 2 will be available sometime during E3 2016. The protagonist of the second episode will be Prompto Argentum. Ofuji ends the blog post by saying that he hopes to get as many fans possible like Prompto more.


Those of you who’ve yet to catch the first episode can do so in the embed below:



Final Fantasy XV will release worldwide on September 30, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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