Protect Your Body & Sanity In Horror Beat ‘Em Up Sand Is The Soul

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Sand is the Soul, a mixture of horror beat ‘em up, adventure game, and action RPG, will have players working hard to defend themselves from attack and even harder to keep their sanity intact due to the things they’ll see and do.


In Sand is the Soul, players act as a missionary with an important message to deliver to the local authorities in the Frontier. However, as players work through a gothic future filled with monstrous creatures and dastardly human beings, they may deviate from what they’re supposed to do. Players are free to follow their orders, cast off their tasks and punch their way through the desolate streets, or become a junkie looking for a fix if they so choose. The game offers many different paths and endings (with each ending unlocking in-game cheats to use later).

Players will come across lethal foes in many of the routes they can take through the game. These strange beings can be dispatched with fists and kicks, various melee weapons like swords and axes, or firearms like a pistol of chain gun. Each carries its own usages and drawbacks, so players are free to fiddle with their loadouts to see what works best on the thugs and creatures they come across.


Player actions, and what they come across on their own way across the Frontier, will have an effect on the player’s sanity, and this in turn alters the surrounding world and characters in various ways. An eroded mental state will offer a very different view of events than an intact one, offering many different visions of this Bloodborne-inspired brawler.

Sand is the Soul is set to release in Q1 2018, according to its Steam page.

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