Protect Your Daughter In A World Of Souls-Like Challenge With Fall Of Light

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Fall of Light draws from Dark Souls for its challenge, but with the added difficulty of having to keep their daughter, Aether, safe as they deal with the cunning beasts.


Players act as Nyx, a retired warrior in a realm shrouded in darkness. There is only one place left in the world where the sun still shines, and Nyx means to bring his incandescent daughter to that place. Monsters and intelligent warriors lurk in the darkness along the way, though, each of them more than capable of taking out a distracted, aging fighter on their own.

Players will be able to use a variety of battle stances (like two-handed or dual-wielding) and weapons of various fighting styles to beat back the monsters, as well as a handy rolling dodge to stay out of harm’s way. While using these items and skills will help keep the player alive, their daughter also needs to be kept safe, so players will need to stay aggressive to keep monsters focused on them.


Aether can help the player in her own way throughout Fall of Light. Her light will unlock many passages throughout the game, and is also what will help players find hidden areas and secrets that will give them the power they need to complete their journey.

Fall of Light is available now on Steam.

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