Prototype Released For Four-Player Co-Op Fighter Cerebrawl

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A playable prototype has released for Cerebrawl, a four-player fighter where players compete in 2-on-2 tag teams.




Strange witches, knights, and unsettled little girls are the first three characters the developers have revealed for Cerebrawl, promising five more fighters to give players eight imaginary beings to choose from. Each of these fighters will have their own suite of moves, assists, super attacks, and other abilities.


Cerebrawl focuses on teamwork, having been built around tag team matches. Players will need to work closely with a local friend to beat both of their opponents, knowing when to switch out or call in their buddy for an assist attack. The second player can input button combinations to increase the length of the active player’s combos as well, either by coordinating them with the teammate or by hopping in with a quick assist combo.




The prototype version of Cerebrawl is available now on, but only Helen, the witch, is playable in it. She has 80% of her attacks, including specials, assists, and supers. Players can also only play locally, as online play is planned for the future.


Other future updates for the game will expand the roster, add air dashing and throws, and will also let players break through walls. They will also be adding 1v1 and 1v2 matches for players who wish for different experiences or greater challenges.

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