Prototype Wiimote For GameCube Surfaces In Auction

A prototype Wiimote and Nunchuk meant for Nintendo GameCube recently surfaced in an auction for 74,000 yen, dating back to when the Wii was still codenamed Revolution. [Thanks, Spmrp on Twitter!]

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The Wiimote is wired and is connected to a GameCube Controller port, and the Nunchuk is connected to the Wiimote via a LAN cable port of some sort. The legitimacy of this prototype Wiimote was confirmed by Wayforward developer James Montagna, who commented,“Wow, it’s the prototype Wii Remote & Nunchuk! I remember seeing these back when it was still known as the Nintendo Revolution!” He further clarified that the D-pad, and the A and B buttons are directly molded off the Game Boy Advance SP’s, explaining the color difference. Sadly, the prototype doesn’t work with any GameCube games, so it’s just a collector’s item now.

This isn’t the first time that the fact that the Wiimote was originally meant for GameCube has come to light though – Siliconera found a patent way back in 2009 showing off the Wii remote being used for a Wii Sports Tennis-like game, which was connected to a Wavebird-esque adapter for wireless play.

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