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PS Move Game, Until Dawn, Inspired By Teen Horror Like Scream And Buffy


    Remember Until Dawn? Sony showed the PlayStation Move “teen horror game” off at Gamescom this year, and its first trailer showed an abundance of nods to teen horror movies that it was inspired by.


    Speaking with the PlayStation blog, the game’s Executive Creative Director, Will Byles, says that developer, Supermassive, are going all the way with the staples of teen horror.


    “Teen horror is where we started,” Byles says. “It’s where you have a group of teenagers disappear off to some remote location. The power is usually out; the phone is always out. And then, one by one, they get killed off. And they’re always trying to get it on with each other, often at inappropriate times.”


    Later in the same discussion, he adds: “We keep coming back to the game being unashamedly a teen horror. If we didn’t do that stuff, I think that people would feel cheated. We’ve got to go there, we’ve got to do it. People see teen horror movies as date movies, and we’re trying to do the same thing here…”


    “To us, the three words of teen horror are scary-sexy-funny. Things like I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream…on TV, Buffy or Supernatural. All of those have the same sort of feel—they’re teen horror.”

    Ishaan Sahdev
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