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PS Vita Continues to Reign as the Best-Selling Used Video Game Hardware on eBay Japan

PS Vita best-selling used video game hardware eBay Japan

While Sony ended production of the PS Vita last year, the handheld device continues to thrive in the used games and hardware market in Japan. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine has a special feature with eBay Japan. [Thanks, Ryokutya.]

Below are the top-5 used video game hardware & peripherals sold on eBay Japan from April to June 2020:

  1. PS Vita
  2. PSP
  3. Nintendo DS Lite
  4. GameCube Controller
  5. Nintendo 64

Here are some quotes from an interview with eBay Japan multi-category manager, Ayako Hayashi:

  • “It is our role to support cross-border e-commerce for Japanese sellers.”
  • “Used goods in Japan are often in good condition, so they can be purchased with peace of mind.”
  • “In terms of pricing, hardware comes before software. We handle more peripherals and the PS Vita is the most popular.”
  • “The PS Vita is region-free, so a lot of gamers from America purchase them, and it is easy to get games for it.”
  • “On eBay [the PS Vita] goes for about $155, but in Japan and on free market apps here they more or less go for 8,000 yen [roughly $75.33 USD] so it’s easy to make profit.”
  • “Regarding software, the popularity of Animal Crossing is very high.”
  • “Incidentally, when it comes to used video game software and hardware, they tend to sell for a lot more whenever there’s something written in Japanese, for some reason. Overseas users have shown plenty of interest whenever there’s something that looks cool with hiragana and kanji.”
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