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PS4 Update 8.00 Issues Involve Disappearing Friends List

ps4 update 8.00 issues

PlayStation users are frustrated with the many PS4 update 8.0 issues introduced with the October 14, 2020 firmware release. The firmware update seemingly introduced several major errors, including disappearing friends lists, loss of party chat, and more related to regular online functionality.

The errors coincide with the 8.0 update to the system’s firmware. Players are most commonly experiencing error codes such as WS-44369-6, WS-36770-3, and WS-37505-0. However, users on Twitter are reporting even more. The first two codes do not appear when searching Sony’s error code entry on its Get Help page. However, Sony’s PSN Service Status page does indicate “gaming and social” and “PlayStation Video” issues. These problems all seem to be related to online functionality, particularly regarding friends lists, voice chat, and party chat.

Sony’s official twitter for PlayStation customer service in Japan acknowledged the problems. The company says it is looking into the source of the PS4 update 8.00 issues and is working to restore system functionality. Sony asked for fans’ patience as they work to address everything.

Though players should be rejoicing the addition of Bloodborne and Ghost of Tsushima avatars, the PS4 update 8.0 issues are too prevalent to get excited. Considering the severity of the situation, players are anticipating Sony to issue a patch as soon as possible.

Oni Dino
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