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PS4 Version Of Invisible, Inc Coming With Contingency Plan Expansion April 19


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Select from a team of secret agents and infiltrate the most dangerous corporations on the planet in whatever way you choose in Invisible Inc, a turn-based stealth game which is heading to PS4 on April 19.

Invisible Inc has players choose from 10 unlockable agents, each with their own skills that will help them breach the security systems of the game’s stages. Players also have access to items, augments, and programs that can help bypass systems and guards, letting them choose how they wish to approach a situation. The stages are randomly generated, so players will need to prepare for many different scenarios.

The Contingency Plan DLC, which adds more stages, agents, weapons, augments, and dangers to the turn-based stealth game, will also be included with the PS4 release. It is currently available for preorder with %10 on the Playstation Store.

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