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PS4, Xbox One Versions Of Strike Vector EX To Have New Features



Competitive first-person aerial-combat game Strike Vector came out last year for PC but now the game’s developer RageQuit Corporation is working on a version of the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One called Strike Vector EX.


Recently, RageQuit revealed these upcoming console versions of the game will have an entirely new story-driven single player campaign, complete with characters, cut scenes, and deadly AI. All of this is on display in the game’s new trailer above.



The console versions will also have reworked controls for the system’s respective controllers. Plus, RageQuit is ensuring that no one will be stuck in an empty server waiting for other players in its online multiplayer as AI opponents will auto-populate until other players join in.


Other than that, it’ll be the same intense dogfighting game that allows you to customize your mech-inspired ship. Find out more about Strike Vector EX on its website.

Chris Priestman