PS5 April Update

PS5 April Update Adds USB External Storage Options

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Sony announced the first major system software update for the PlayStation 5 since its launch in November 2020. The PS5 April Update will launch on April 14, 2021 and add storage options long demanded by those lucky enough to get a system early on. Also included are enhancements to the console’s social features and user interface.

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The biggest and most qualitative change to come in the PS5 April Update is the addition of the ability to transfer PS5 games to external storage devices plugged into the console’s USB port. One of the PS5’s headline features is its ultra-fast solid state drive, which enables extremely fast load times. However, the SSD’s 825GB of storage is somewhat limited, and the system required that PS5 games be installed to the console’s internal storage to work.

And though the PS5 supports storage expansion by the addition of external USB drives, PS5 games couldn’t be transferred to external storage devices until now. After installing the PS5 April Update, PS5 games can be moved to external USB storage drives, though they’ll still need to be moved back to the internal SSD to be run. Sony’s blog post says that it’ll be faster to reinstall PS5 games from USB extended storage than to re-download or copy them off a disc.

Other additions from the PS5 April Update enhance the console’s sharing and social feature. The “Share Play” function now works across generations, allowing PS5 users to share their game screen to PS4 users, even letting them pass control temporarily or play co-op games together through a remote connection. Similarly, friends will be able to join each others’ game sessions across PS4 and PS5, expanding the selection for players hoping to play together.

The PS5 April Update also improves the “Game Base” menu to improve access to features like Parties and Friends, as well as toggle notification settings on a per-Party basis. Other upgrades include the ability to quickly mute in-game chat and per-player voice audio, pre-downloads for game updates, improved game library customization, screen magnification, and trophy settings.

The PlayStation App on mobile will also receive new features following the PS5 April Update, such as wishlists, online status notifications, and other planned additions.

The PS5 April update rolls out worldwide on April 14, 2021. The console itself is available where stocks are. More games are also getting PS5 editions, including the Final Fantasy XIV beta.

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