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PSA: Uncharged Switch Battery Could Become Impossible to Charge

Nintendo shared important information about the battery life of Nintendo Switch consoles and issued a warning about the possibility of Switch batteries becoming impossible to charge if they go without charging for too long. The company recommends charging Switch consoles at least once every six months. This will reduce the risk of the lithium-ion batteries from becoming impossible to charge. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

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While losing the remaining battery charge in a Switch console after not using it for a long period of time is normal, leaving the system unused and without charging for too long entails some risks for the system. Especially since replacing a Switch battery is not as easy as changing the batteries of other portable Nintendo consoles.

The Nintendo Japan customer service Twitter account shared this information on April 18, 2023, warning users from possible battery issues happening. Additionally, in cases where the battery has become impossible to charge, or other issues exist with the console, the company shared the Nintendo Support website as a means for customers to request repair information and help.

On a different tweet from January 2023, Nintendo also warned players of condensation drops forming inside the Switch console, if the internal temperature gets too high. Since determining if condensation drops are forming is not easy, and with summer approaching, players should be mindful of this too.

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