Pseudo-Retro Shmup Super Galaxy Squadron Draws From Raiden, Gundam

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Psyche Studios will be bringing its pseudo-retro shoot-’em-up Super Galaxy Squadron out for PC on January 23rd. The team drew from classics in the genre such as Raiden, as well as classic mecha anime like Gundam.


It’s set in the year 2371, when relations between the United Interstellar Federation and an alien race that helm from the star Tau Ceti are falling apart. Inevitably, another war between the two species strikes up, so humanity sends 14 of its best pilots to defeat the aliens once and for all.


So, yep, Super Galaxy Squadron features 14 playable ships, each of which have unique weapons and attributes. As you progress through the eight arcade-style levels, taking on big bosses along the way, you’ll get the chance to further outfit your ship with dozens of upgrades.


The game also has a one-hit kill hardcore mode for those who really want a test. It also has an endless mode if you want to see how long you can survive an incoming barrage of hostiles aliens. It’s designed as traditional shmup but has modern influences taken from shmups over the years to allow for fun rather than frustration.


You can vote for Super Galaxy Squadron on Steam Greenlight. As Psyche Studios outlined in its successful Kickstarter, all money that the game brings in will be donated to the charity Child’s Play.

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