Psycho-Pass: Providence Movie Premieres in May 2023

Psycho Pass: Providence

The next film in the Psycho-Pass series is arriving in a matter of months. Psycho-Pass: Providence has a premiere date in Japan, as well as its first trailer. The latest announcement from the Psycho-Pass production committee dates the film’s premiere for May 12, 2023.

Created in part to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series, Psycho-Pass: Providence will involve members of the original cast, particularly protagonists Akane Tsunemori and Shinya Kogami. Voice actors Kana Hanazawa and Tomokazu Seki will reprise their roles as Tsunemori and Kogami.

The movie also bears the tagline “The End of Justice,” where the Japanese characters for “Justice” are read as “System.”

Check out the trailer below.

The trailer focuses on dialog and action by both Tsunemori and Kogami. The pair were once linked in the first season of Psycho-Pass, as Tsunemori was an Inspector, placed in charge of Kogami, an Enforcer. Under the show’s Sibyl System, people are sorted by the “Hues” of their Psycho Pass, and some people are classified as “Latent Criminals” due to their psychological state. Latent Criminals are locked up and made to prop up the Sibyl System as Enforcers, who use their supposed similarity to the criminal mindset to help the police find and apprehend (or execute) actual criminals.

The Psycho-Pass: Providence trailer features lines from Tsunemori and Kogami. Tsunemori asks if Kogami was “allowed to return to Japan, so that he could fight fire with fire.” Kogami says that he’s just doing what he has to do, and doesn’t regret it. Tsunemori vows to stop Kogami, if he does plan to “set off another inferno.” Saiga says that there are many facets to “Truth” and “Justice”, and that there are things “you can’t understand without seeing them from above.” Kogami says that “Even then, I believe that you’ll try to do the right thing.”

The band Egoist also announced that the single for its song “Party” will release on May 10, 2023. “Party” is the ending theme for the film. Composer ryo of supercell also handled the lyrics, composition, and arrangement of the song. The band previewed the single’s artwork, which was created by artist redjuice (who also created character designs for Guilty Crown, Beatless, and the upcoming series Ayaka).

Psycho-Pass: Providence premieres in Japan on May 12, 2023. The first two seasons of the show are available to watch on services like Crunchyroll and Netflix, while the third season is licensed by Amazon Prime Video.

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