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Psyvariar Delta Ver.1.03 Adds Remixed ‘Delta’ Version Stages


City Connection announced on Twitter today that Psyvariar Delta has been updated to Ver.1.03, which revamps the Player Settings menu, adds a new set of remixed stages, and more.

The biggest addition is a new ‘Delta’ version of the stages, which were previewed at TGS 2018. According to the planner, ‘Delta’ is a version of Psyvariar based on ‘Revision’ but with changed enemy placements, mostly scaled to make the game more thrilling to play.

Apart from ‘Delta’ version, the Player Settings menu has been completely revamped, and it is now possible to swap players between Player 1 and 2 positions with a press of the X or Triangle button. Finally, several bugs regarding Replay Mode+ and some detection issues were fixed.

Psyvariar Delta is currently available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and is heading to PC and arcades as well.

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