PUBG Mobile Announces Gackt: Jougen no Tsuki Collaboration


Gackt will appear once again as a collaboration skin in PUBG Mobile in Japan. This outfit uses what he wore in the Jougen no Tsuki 2003 live tour back in 2003. The Gackt: Jougen no Tsuki crate will appear until February 2, 2023 in PUBG Mobile. [Thanks, Dengeki Online!]

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Not only will you be able to look like how Gackt did back in 2003, but he will also have special voice lines depending on the season. You can hear them on Valentine’s Day or Christmas in the lobby, as well as in specific situations during a match. However, it did not specify what said situations are, which means players will need to either get the Gackt voice from the loot crates or find a compilation on YouTube.

For a limited time, there are daily login bonuses and missions to complete for free crates. In total, you can get 25 Gackt: Jougen no Tsuki crates for free from just logging in and playing the game. On the eighth day, you can get a permanent Snow Gakucchi charm. The charm looks like Gackt bundled up in a winter jacket.

So far, we know of another PUBG Mobile collaboration on the horizon and it’s going to be with Dragon Ball. Since the announcement included a poster of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, it’s likely to specifically focus on the film version. News of this event came out in August 2022, though we still do not have a concrete release date for it yet.

PUBG Mobile is available on mobile devices, and the Gackt: Jougen no Tsuki collaboration will only be on the Asian server.

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