ppv.jpgAfter reading about RozenQueen’s plush Prinny capsule bonus for Puchi Puchi Virus I started wondering where is the game. When I got a playable build way back in March the documentation included with it stated May 2008 as the release window. RozenQueen says we’re not going to see it until July.


To clear things up I asked NIS America and found out Puchi Puchi Virus should come out on July 29th. “Developmental delays” are bogging the game down. To be fair, NIS America has plenty on their plate with two Disgaea games both of which are scheduled to come out in the summer.


On the other hand I played quite a bit of Puchi Puchi Virus, the US version developed by NIS America. I wonder if NIS America and it felt complete. I wonder if NIS America is adding something to the North American release…


Images courtesy of NIS America.

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