Pull Off Your Best Angelic Moves To Beat Wings Of Vi, Out Now



Gryn Studio has released its challenging 2D action platformer Wings of Vi for Windows on Steam.


You play as the winged angel Vi as she attempts to defeat the Demon Lord Jeh’oul after he escaped from his heavenly prison and snatched her friend Rubi.


The result is a hardcore platformer—you could say a masochistic platformer—that requires precise movements, a mastery of the dash move, and a speedrunning mentality to beat.


You’ll be dodging demons, battling against bosses including a clumsy satyress, a giant dreadnought, and a possessed angel, as well as escaping crumbling caverns. To up the challenge, there are online leaderboards that take into consideration your time and deaths when dashing through levels.


It’s all realized in SNES-inspired pixel art that hides secrets and comes with unlockable cosmetics (and new attacks) for customize Vi with.


You can purchase Wings of Vi on Steam for the current discounted price of $9.99 during its launch period. While its full price will set you back $14.99. There’s more information about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman