PUMA Mario 3D All Stars Shoes Releasing for Mario’s 35th Anniversary

puma mario 3d all stars

PUMA is no stranger to making video game-themed shoes. In the past, we’ve seen shoes inspired by both Tetris and Sonic. Now the company will be producing shoes styled after one of the biggest characters in video games, Mario. (Thanks, Hypebeast!)

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The collaboration between Nintendo and PUMA follows in the wake of the recently released Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and each of the three models of shoes seems inspired by one of the three games in that collection.

The Future Rider design is reminiscent of Super Mario 64. The Clyde-style shoe evokes Super Mario Sunshine and the RS-Fast is undeniably modeled after Super Mario Galaxy.

The collection will be available on November 27, 2020 via the PUMA webstore and through retailers like Foot Locker. The RS-Fast model is expected to retail for $120, while the Future Rider will go for $90. The Clyde is releasing as a Foot locker exclusive, and is the cheapest of the three at an $80 price point. Nintendo celebrated the 35th anniversary of their popular character, and these shoes are a clear continuation of those festivities. They certainly capture the bright aesthetic of the games, and will be easily recognized as Mario-themed from a distance thanks to the prominently displayed icons and characters.

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