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Punch A Monster So Hard It Gets Dizzy With Monster Hunter GG’s New Weapons



    While there are lots of awesome weapons in the Monster Hunter series, none look quite as stylish as the upcoming tonfas in Monster Hunter Frontier: GG. These weapons, called “Senryuu Kon,” will make their debut in an upcoming update.


    Fighting in melee against a gigantic series of monsters might be suicidal for some, but with the Senryuu Kon it might be giving yourself a purposeful handicap. We’ve previously seen a hint that you can use the piston-powered, tri-form weapon to vault into the air and land air combos on foes, and the latest promotional video shows it off several times. These piston-tonfas will grow or shrink depending on your choice of attack or defense, becoming incredibly versatile weapons despite the melee “penalty”.



    Some of this versatility translates into becoming a jumping monkey God by blast-digging into the ground to stop being thrown back as well as those multiple aerial maneuvers. Clacking the weapon together also allows players to practically shrug off attacks with well-timed blocks.


    Monster Hunter Frontier: GG will see these weapons introduced in its mega updated on the 23rd of April, alongside a graphics overhaul for the PC version.


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